Artist’s Statement:

“I always try to stay open to the changes that come in both my life and my art. I believe that life and art are intertwined in the fact that you can’t define either one. They both involve the act of creation and that creation will evolve and change with time and maturity. Dealing with death at a young age has always been the driving force behind my choices. As a child art became my outlet and gave me a voice in a world where I felt I didn’t have one. Through the years, art and painting have remained my voice …”

“My definition of a true artist is someone who will open up and bear their soul. Their art, whether it be paintings or music or writings, are symbols of issues they have dealt with over time. It takes real courage to expose your self like that and it is what I strive for. Life is a journey – and my art has been a journey as well. If you were to ask me what my favorite work is that I have ever painted – my reply would be that I haven’t created it yet …”

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